Comfy uterus

Someone in the October due date forum lamenting being 2 weeks “overdue” refers to her “obviously comfortable uterus.”  LOL  My uterus must be so cozy as well.  I was just thinking a bit ago that perhaps I  should be grateful to still be pregnant, as I am  someone who loves so much being pregnant.  I much prefer being 6 months pregnant over being 9 months pregnant, but I can think of how many more internal wiggles, kicks, and baby hiccups I get to feel because my babies stay inside longer than average.  And, after all, this is my last pregnancy.

I feel really calm and patient today, but I have been swinging back and forth with feelings ranging from calm to irritable, relaxed to anxious.  This evening we were talking with amusement at the idea of being in labor with trick or treaters coming to the door.  I think my biggest feeling at that time, if I were in labor on Halloween, would be happiness that he made it just in time to be an October baby.  I guess it really doesn’t matter what the date is though; even if we end up having three November birthdates in our family of five (Caroline is the 14th, I’m the 22nd).  It’s already close to November; a few more days into November isn’t ever going to make much difference.

I think what makes it hard to keep waiting is that we slowed down our life way back at the beginning of October–I haven’t had such a blank calendar page in many years!–and we’ve been taking it easy, just waiting, for so long now.  So we went out today.  Just to the mall.  I got some good walking in.  The girls enjoyed looking at new things and playing on the rides.  Rhiannon got some new clothes and a brownie.   Caroline got a fairy costume I found on clearance, which she has been wearing since she put it on over her dress, at the mall (and is still wearing, in bed, while she sleeps).  On the way home we stopped at the nursery and picked out a few pumpkins.  While there the girls got to climb onto an old bus they had there as part of their Halloween display.  We carved the pumpkins right away when we got home.  Caroline’s has a cute crooked smile.  Rhiannon got really involved and spent a long time carving her design herself.  I took lots of photos I’ll be sharing soon.

It has been a very blustery evening and night, with the kind of wind that blows noisily against the house, almost making me feel it might lift us up and carry us away.   Some think changes in weather can encourage labor to start.  I’ve had a few little contractions and I feel calm, not irritated like some people say indicates labor is coming on soon.  I have tried spending days working hard and keeping active and other days sitting around resting and doing quiet things.  I’ve most recently tried to find a balance between those two extremes.  I’ve eaten quite a bit of sugar (mainly cookies) in the last few days .  I don’t remember whether I’ve ever read if that could make a difference, but it is something different than what I have been doing (my diet has been very healthy this pregnancy).  I have no idea when I’m going into labor.  I’m ready, and I’m eager, but I have given up trying to figure out how to make it happen sooner.  Let Ian enjoy my comfy uterus as long as he wants.  I know I won’t be pregnant forever.

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